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Hydrotherm™ Massage

Experience the world’s first 3-dimensional massage system.  Your journey takes place lying face up on warm water-filled cushions that assist perfect spinal alignment, full support and the utmost comfort.  Allow the warmth of the cushions and gentle techniques to melt away tension, soothe and revive aches.  Perfect for all especially for those in pregnancy, recovering from cancer and who cannot lie face down.  To learn more about Hydrotherm massage click here  

75 mins (full body) – £55.00 

Course (6 weekly treatments) – £275.00

Aromasense Massage

Using carefully blended essential oils, activate your senses and increase well-being while instilling relaxation and calm. Each session is uniquely tailored towards your mood, health and requirements at the time.

25 mins (back, neck & shoulders) – £30.00
55 mins (full body) – £50.00
85 mins (full body including hands, feet, stomach and scalp) – £70.00 

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable massage therapies available. Embrace tranquility and allow your stresses to disappear while the comforting heat from the stones penetrates the body at its deepest level easing tension and soothing joints.

55 mins (full body) – £50.00

Relaxing Deep Tissue Massage

Loosen muscles, release toxins and improve circulation while promoting relaxation using a combination of specialist deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques.  A treatment that can be specifically adapted to suit your needs at the time of treatment.

25 mins (back, neck & shoulders) – £25.00
55 mins (full body) – £45.00
85 mins (full body including hands, feet, stomach and scalp) – £65.00

Active Muscle Melt Massage

Experience Middle-Eastern delights with this specialised ritual designed to soothe stressed muscles and leave the mind, body and soul fully relaxed and calm. A deeply nourishing treatment using a blend of warm aromatic oils and melted shea butter drizzled over the body followed by intense massage techniques.

55 mins (full body) – £50.00

Hot Lava Shell Massage

An invigorating thermal therapy using hand-crafted shells of porcelain and crushed Tiger Clams.  A wonderful full body treatment for relaxation, a must for detoxifying, ideal for skin radiance and superb for muscle aches and pains.

55 mins (full body) – £55.00

De-stressing Neck, Face & Scalp Ritual

A wonderfully soothing experience to release tension in the head, face and neck. This treatment opens with an aromatic compress application to the face followed by a gentle massage using nourishing aromatic oils, effleurage and pressure point techniques to release and loosen strains.

25 mins – £30.00


Meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ this non-invasive hands-on natural therapy was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 20th century. A gentle, yet, powerful treatment that promotes deep relaxation, balance and well-being. Reiki reactivates the body’s natural energy system and its capacity to heal itself, returning balance on every level – physically, mentally and spiritually.  To discover more about Reiki, click here.

55 mins – £35.00


A gentle, relaxing foot therapy aimed to help heal the person as a whole, not just the prevailing symptoms.  Gentle pressure point massage techniques are applied to reflex areas of the feet encouraging the body to restore and maintain equilibrium, balancing health.

55 mins – £35.00

Course (6 weekly treatments) – £225.00

Ear Candling

Originating in the centuries old culture of the Hopi Indians and made of 100% natural ingredients, ear candles have been successfully used in naturopathy for decades to treat a number of ailments relating to the ears, nose, throat and sinuses. A wonderfully relaxing treatment that leads to a deep feeling of security and happiness while gently soothing.

45 mins / £27.50


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